After more than 30 years of experience as a patent attorney, as the owner of a medium-sized patent law firm and as a judge at the Federal Patent Court, it was time for me to focus again on where my expertise is most needed: with clients. They are entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators who want and need coordinated advice in the complex area of intellectual property law, advice that is focused on the client and shows solutions that are in line with the business strategy of their company.

Administration and standard processes are good, flexibility, creativity and individuality are better and lead to goals faster. This also affects the cost. These are also kept in mind. RIGLING IP AG emerged from these goals.

A worldwide network of specialists is available so that the best specialists are available for your concerns on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information. We are at your disposal.

about myself

Peter D. Rigling

After studying at the ETH Zurich (Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), where I qualified as a Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, I spent two years in the USA, where I worked as a technical assistant at the medical faculty of the University of Miami while completing a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. With my Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, I joined the development department of a Swiss company as a project and group leader, which was active in the field of "Medical Imaging" based on nuclear magnetic resonance. The high-tech application with digital signal processors brought me in contact with patents for the first time. My interest in industrial property rights led me to join the patent and legal department of a large telecommunications company in 1990 where I was trained as a patent attorney. In 1995, I joined a medium-sized patent law firm in the Zurich area as a European Patent Attorney being authorized to represent clients before the European Patent Office, and worked as a partner and co-owner from 1999 to 2020. My expertise comprises in particular: general electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, compurter-related inventions, digital signal processing, manufacturing, mechanical inventions, telecommunication, measuring techniques, internet-based inventions. In 2013, I was elected by the Federal Assembly as a part-time judge at the Federal Patent Court. In 2021 I founded RIGLING IP AG.

Member of:

VSP - Association of Swiss Patent and Trademark Attorneys -

FICPI - International Federation for Patent Attorneys -


epi - Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office -

INGRES - Swiss Association for Intellectual Property Law -